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Blog by Don Kennedy

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Igor is an animated family treat set in the gloomy kingdom of Malaria – aptly named since there is something bad in the air that has turned the sky dark. Under perpetual heavy storm clouds nothing much grows or prospers save for an over abundance of humps on the backs of a litany of unlucky individuals. As it turns out they are much in demand because this one industry kingdom survives by attracting evil geniuses who must dream up sinister inventions to threaten the world with unless a ransom is paid to Malaria’s King Malbert (Jay Leno). Of course no mad scientist would be complete without a dozy, subservient assistant with a slight case of scoliosis named Igor. One such Igor played by John Cusak is a bit different as he aspires to himself be an evil genius but works with a less than competent master Dr. Glickenstein (John Cleese) who has no trouble doing himself in. This Igor seizes the opportunity to impress the King with his creation at the fast approaching Evil Science Fair. Thinking the entry is Glickenstein’s The King would like nothing better than for it to win as he feels about to be usurped by the clever and bombastic Dr. Schadenfreude (Eddie Izzard) lately the most consistent mass mayhem producer. Igor’s plan to create the ultimate creation – a living monster is compromised when she decides that she’s more inclined to kind deeds and a career as an actress. Igor and a couple of his home made pals (Steve Buschemi and Sean Hayes) have to reverse her personality to win first prize while trying to keep their secret not only from the king but also Dr. Glickenstein. I’m no Igor but I have a hunch this will do well at the box office.