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Blog by Don Kennedy

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Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past might suggest some slight plagiarism of Charles Dickens. Well, there’s nothing slight about this delightful bit of thievery which amounts to A Christmas Carol with sexual tension added. Matthew McConaughey is Connor Mead, an unapologetic hedonist who has scrooged over a litany of female conquests. When he makes a wintry return to his childhood home to act as best man for his kid brother Paul (Breckin Meyer ) he’s visited by the ghost of Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas) his playboy uncle and surrogate father who warns him that he’ll be visited by three ghosts on the eve of the wedding. Coincidentally Jenny Perotti  (Jennifer Garner) the maid of honour to his about to be sister in law happens to be an old flame that plays a major role in Connor‘s past, present and future trip down mammary lane. There are a few flaws like the brides father Sergeant Volkom (Robert Forster) as a Korean War vet would more likely be her grandfather and Jenny and the bride Sandra (Lacey Chabert) being so close is too much of a coincidence. Still, on more than one occasion the film pokes fun at itself and although it doesn’t presume to improve on a classic there is some sharp dialogue that adds to the fun. You don’t need a poltergeist to point the way this film is going to end up or for that matter whether it will do well at the box office.