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Blog by Don Kennedy

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Planet 51

Planet 51 is located far across the galaxy where greenish creatures live surrounded by 1950’s kitsch. Also lost in the 50’s is the population’s conception of an alien invasion as they feel it would most certainly involve zombie-factioning of the invaded not to mention body probes. Their concept of the universe goes back even farther - to about the 1750’s. So when Captain Charles T. Baker (Dwayne Johnson), a pretty boy US astronaut lands a lunar module in the suburban back yard of a teen would be Planetarium curator named Lem (Justin Long) and plants a flag by his parents barbecue claiming the planet for Mother Earth, the natives fear the worst. What follows is a fun, fast paced get-to-know-ya as Lem and his pal Skiff (Seann William Scott) help Baker and his rock loving Wall-E like probe get ready for the trip back to earth which is being hampered by the military might of General Grawl  (Gary Oldman) and the brain surgery happy Professor Kipple (John Cleese). In exchange for the help Baker teaches Lem a few secrets of the universe not the least of which is how to win the heart of Neera (Jessica Biel), literally the girl next door. This animated charmer that has a fresh three dimensional look is the first CGI feature from Spain's new Ilion Animation Studios. Animación Española está viva.