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Blog by Don Kennedy

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Gran Torino

December 25th, 2008
Gran Torino was a Ford product from a bygone era produced with muscle and attitude and in 1973 one was assembled in Detroit by auto worker Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood), a war vet with muscle and attitude from a bygone era. Walt bought the car off the line and it remains his price and joy today as it sits in the garage/workshop behind his tidy house in a motor city suburb currently in transi ...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

December 25th, 2008
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an epic fantasy loosely adapted from the 1922 short story of the same name written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) is born in New Orleans at the end of the First World War with all the characteristics of an octogenarian. His mother dies in childbirth and his industrialist father abandons him on the steps of a seniors care facility whe ...


December 25th, 2008
Valkyrie is the name of an instantly recognizable piece by Wagner. Wagner was one of the few artists sanctioned by the Third Reich so it’s no surprise to have it as a code name for a military plan of action for the protection of the fuhrer should anyone want to launch a coup against Adolph Hitler. During he reign of terror there were over a dozen attempts to assassinate him, the last involved ...

The Reader

December 25th, 2008
The Reader was a fifteen year old West German boy named Michael who in 1955 took up reading aloud at the bedside of Hannah, a woman 18 years his senior. Hannah was no invalid but Michael cared for her dutifully, probably in large part because there was sex involved after each oration. The affair lasted one summer before Hannah launched into her usual mysterious vagabond routine and disappeare ...

101 1488 HORNBY Street, Vancouver West, British Columbia

December 22nd, 2008

I just finished uploading this Townhouse for sale, 101 1488 HORNBY Street, Vancouver West, British Columbia

WOW...need a large living space? Then look no further than the TERRACE at PACIFIC PROMENADE. With 1600 square feet of living space, 12 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows makes for an extremely bright and cozy home. This fabulous location puts you in a very desirable ...

Yes Man

December 20th, 2008
Yes Man stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen an LA loans officer who can not let go of the hot wife who dumped him and is so damaged that he throws up an iron clad shell around himself so that even his best friends who are constantly throwing him a lifeline are routinely ignored. A chance encounter with an old acquaintance leads him to an encounter with life coaching guru Terrence Bundley (a very c ...

The Tale of Despereaux

December 20th, 2008
The Tale of Despereaux takes us to a mythical kingdom where soup is king until the king outlaws soup. That’s because his queen dies tragically in a soup related incident precipitated by a rat named Roscuro ( Dustin Hoffman) who then makes his escape to the subterranean world of Rat Town where the evil Mayor (Frank Langella) is bent on manipulating Roscuro into conforming to the rat stereotype ...


December 12th, 2008
Frost/Nixon is the untold story behind those historic late 70’s face to face interviews between deposed president Richard Nixon and British entertainer David Frost as the unlikely interviewer. He landed the interview by appealing to Nixon’s soft spot – his wallet. What was supposed to be a mea culpa for tricky Dickie almost turned out to be a second coming as it soon became apparent that desp ...

Nothing Like the Holidays

December 12th, 2008
Nothing Like the Holidays is really nothing like most stories based on tense family moments around the old Yule log. For starters other than mom and dad wanting a divorce there’s a lot of love in this Chicago family of 5 with ties to Puerto Rico. Mom (Elizabeth Peña) suspect’s dad (Afred Molina) of having an affair which he doesn’t deny and at dinner just prior to Christmas Eve announces her ...

A Christmas Tale

December 12th, 2008
A Christmas Tale is a French take on the dysfunctional family Christmas get together but it is nothing like the gingerbread cutter formula we’re used to with this kind of story. It doesn’t repeatedly go for a punch line and what laughs do come up are pretty dark. Even the most sympathetic member of the family isn’t all that likeable. That would be Junon (Catherine Deneuve) the GILF matriarch ...
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