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Blog by Don Kennedy

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Miss March

Miss March is the first big screen project for "The Whitest Kids U Know", internet darlings who managed to wangle their own cable network show of sketch comedy. Actually only two fifths of the comedy troop are represented, Trevor Moore who is like Emu Phillips after 25 espressos playing Tucker Cleigh a Playboy magazine loving horn dog whose best friend forever is Eugene Bell played by Zach Cregger. Eugene is the libido opposite of Tucker but at the insistence of his girlfriend Cindi Whitehall (Raquel Alessi) is about to break his vow of abstinence on prom night. An accident at a very non-dry grad party leaves him in a coma until Tucker coaxes him back to consciousness with an unorthodox procedure involving a Louisville slugger. By now it’s four years later and Eugene’s world is completely changed. His parents have left town and the very chaste Cindi is the March Playboy centrefold. This precipitates a cross country rescue mission to the Playboy mansion which is expedited by bad blood following a severe chewing out by Tucker’s girlfriend Candace (Molly Stanton). It took a while for me to get a good laugh from this film which I saw with my son, a “Whitest Kids” fan. Although there were more laughs (almost exclusively involving genitalia) and Hef has greatly improved his acting chops since House Bunny, Junior was a little disappointed. He chalked it up to unreal expectations but I assured him that I had no expectations yet still thought it could have been better.